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21, November 2014

Good housekeeping

You get to make a choice on how much you care about what kind of an ecosphere we’re bequeathing to future generations.

20, November 2014

Sometimes a stumble

Our brave face outward. Fierce, focussed on horizons and plans of epic proportions, ready to stride forward, forging success. Oh but even you are human, perhaps you stumble. Can you forgive the foot, the stone, the day? Pause in the eternal moment here, between the trip and the echo, where you explode and reform. Are you ego, emotionRead More …

13, November 2014

Putting down roots

I love spending time on Earth. The ephemeral nature of it reminds my soul of the precious fragilities of life. Earth shows us glory and wealth. Earth teaches us that everything has a role to play, that there’s purpose in all things and also that humans suffer most from their own making. I love the way thatRead More …

7, November 2014

You are already home

We’ve come to the core, possibly the most important element that there is in reconnecting to your own soul, your own freedom. It is a bit counter-intuitive, because initially it will seem like it has basically nothing to do with you personally, but if you can stick with it is a big one. There’s nothingRead More …

5, November 2014

NaNo-riffic writing fun

It is November and so the Nanowrimo is upon us. Praise be! I love this crazy, silly fun and free festival that over the years is helping me learn how to write. This is my 8th or 9th year now (? I’ve lost count)  and maybe it has taken that long to learn how to participate,Read More …

31, October 2014

Enough water

There’s a wonderful song that goes “Will there be enough water when my ship comes in? And when I set sail will there be enough wind?” (by The Dead Weather if you’re interested) and that two-line koan slips in and out of focus often for me as the bigger questions of life pose themselves to us. It hasRead More …

24, October 2014

Tears’ fragile path to freedom

There’s a common assumption that freedom equals happiness in a simplified “we all lived happily ever after” kindof way. Just in case you’re not sure, that is a fantasy. It is of very little use to any of us. Our yearning for freedom has us seeking all of the elements that might contribute to the alchemy we know as contentment (oftenRead More …

17, October 2014

The secret word is revealed

Imagine you knew something that defused nearly everything in your world that was stressful. That would be amazing, wouldn’t it? Today we’ll reveal it. We’ll take a little pause from our series of explorations for a very important aside. There’s something we should have said at the beginning, it is part of the social contractRead More …

10, October 2014

Burn your smartphone

Well, recycle it if possible, there’s a lot of precious and toxic metals, minerals and plastics in one of those babies. But yes, otherwise I am suggesting a Luddite type orgy of technological destruction. OK, well maybe not destruction, that’s a bit wasteful. And a bit rich coming from a blog. The thing is, ifRead More …

3, October 2014

Burning in the wind

A few years ago, I was ready to wrap things up. Maybe you’ve felt this way before. As far as I was concerned, there was no point to going on with a job I hated and with a personal life that had ground to a halt. I knew that my dog would be well lookedRead More …