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Queensland Penny Farthing and Historical Cycle Club Inc purpose:
* to actively promote in Queensland the creation, riding restoration and appreciation of all types of vintage and historical bicycles (especially Penny Farthings) through displays, rides, races, educational activities and other events as deemed appropriate by a majority of members at a general meeting and as funding allows.
* to actively seek to engage Queenslanders with the rich history of cycling and variety of early bicycles the better to share the myriad of values and enthusiasms that the group encompasses.

Unchained: archive

This newsletter is no longer published. This page is an archive only.

Issues in order with a brief description (PDF format)
Please note: a significant proportion of each edition is taken up with the event listings. These are of very limited interest once the event has passed! Sorry muchly.

Newsletters 2014

Issue Fourteen 2014-02 Unchained 14
Published 14 February 2014 (19 Pages)
This issue features a brief farewell to James Macdonald of Toowoomba and a full length reprint of “The Steampunk Future” by Archdruid John Michael Greer.

Newsletters 2013

Special Edition Issue Thirteen – members only (distributed directly by email)
Published 13 December 2013 (15 pages)
This issue features a full reprint of the “How to make a penny farthing” article from Model Engineer Magazine 1992.

Issue Twelve –  2013-12 Unchained 12
Published 13 December 2013 (16 pages)
Features the story of Hamish Lamb’s epic 4500klm bike journey this year, a photographic guide to disguising helmets as hats and listings for bikes wanted and for sale.

Issue Eleven –  2013-11-29 Unchained 11
Published 29 November 2013 (20 pages)
Features the ‘Pennies by the Sea’ event articles and many photos, an article on the Oamaru Victorian Heritage Celebrations 2013, and a book review of “Cyclists, Doctors and others” by D W Martin.

Come along to the Penny Stack! Saturday 23rd November 2013 at Sandgate!
Penny Stack 2013 General release

Issue Ten 2013-10-18 Unchained 10
Published 18 October 2013 (14 pages)
Contains the first “build-off” challenge, information about the 2014 shearers ride from Broken Hill to Bourke.

Issue Nine 2013-09-30 Unchained 9
Published 30 September 2013 (13 pages)
Contains information to enrol in the full-time “Build a Penny” course for 2013, all the high-wheel news I could find, photos from recent events and a marvellous “what have cyclists ever done for us”.

Issue Eight 2013-08 Unchained
Published 30 August 2013 (17 pages)
Contains a feature story by member Lyle P on importing bikes from the USA, photos from recent events and wrap-ups from club members including Pushies Galore in July and The Ekka in August. Includes a list of accomodation for booking Evandale 2014.

Issue Seven 2013-07 Unchained
Published 12 July 2013 (26 pages)
Contains an overview of stand types, a review of “Quest for speed”, information about taking on a role in the club executive and photos from recent events.

Issue Six 2013-06 Unchained
Published 14 June 2013 (23 pages)
Contains: photo from the Ipswich Festival parade, logo discussion and ideas, a short article about the visit to Terry Kay’s bike museum in Gympie (with photos), information on holding a club office position (courtesy Brian Rough),  “The Lost Cyclist” written by David Herlihy book reviewed by Hamish Lamb, Feature article “The Evandale Experience from the Sidelines” Story and photography By Vernia Bullivant and featuring Noel Ross is the starring role, Club jersey design and order information

Issue Five 2013-05 Unchained
Published 6 May 2013 (9 pages)
Contains: Photos of club members with bikes and at events, photo from the 2011 part-time build course rolling and profiling wheels, member’s recommendations for a costume company

Issue Four 2013-04 Unchained
Published 15 March 2013 (13 pages)
Contains: Member’s recommendation for a Penny car rack, Member profile of Kev Wain from the SunshineCoast and his beautiful replica, A semi-fictional retelling of Hamish and Aaron’s time in Tasmania contesting the Penny Farthing championships (includes a many pictures and newspaper headlines).

Issue Three 2013-03 Unchained
Published 13 February 2013 (9 pages)
Contains: Photos of club members riding and from the 2012 Penny stack day, a run down of Clive Palmer’s ordinary, recognition of Di Sullivan (Tasmania) receiving an Medal of the Order of Australia in the Australia Day honours, Spoke and Wheel (adventure one) short fiction and a club song by Hamish Lamb.

Issue Two 2013-02 Unchained
Published 23 January 2013 (4 pages)
Contains: Article (by Brian Rough) and photo of parade in June 1900 held to celebrate the Relief of Mafeking, recaps establishing meeting.

Issue One 2013-01 Unchained
Published 20 January 2013 (2 pages)
Contains: Photos of establishing meeting group, and 2011 part-time build group

The Background
From December 2012 when the Queensland Penny Farthing and Historical Cycle Club Inc reformed to August 2013 I was the Secretary and also the editor of the club newsletter “Unchained”. During those early heady days, the club was without a website so we went old school with an emailed newsletter to keep members informed of activities and help the geographically dispersed group get to know each other..

These newsletters reflect the establishment of the club and our interests and concerns over the first few months. I acknowledge that it is a pretty tiny niche of interest, but those who are into high wheelers are wonderful fanatics and this page is for them wherever in the world they may be.

I decided to keep a repository of all issues of Unchained here, for your ongoing Penny Farthing pleasure.

[*note: The Queensland Penny Farthing and Historical Cycle Club’s website became publicly available from 12 July 2013.]

Janine and Clayton with their handmade bikes.
Janine Prince and her handmade replica Penny Farthing “Edith” and Clayton Greaney with his handmade replica Penny Farthing “Amelia” at Sandgate, Qld Saturday 26 November 2011.

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