11, November 2015

Nanowrimo and the risks of research

‘Stretch goals’ we used to call them, when was that? The 90s maybe, then ‘audacious’ goals and then goals somewhere along the line morphed into either challenges or indicators – depending on if you get paid for delivering them. Nanowrimo is a challenge that stretches what you think might be possible for you to achieve withinRead More …

30, October 2015

Buried stories – digging in nanowrimo

Creative writing is an act of faith. It is, of course, also a process and work and I will be taking my own advice in those regards but none of that can happen without the trust that inspiration will come. Do you believe in your muse? Do you have a creative faith that you canRead More …

8, October 2015

I love and hate a sunburnt country

I have been lucky enough to travel to the other side of the world and visit the ‘home country’ (as it was still being called when I was little). I’d always aspired to this cultural ‘homecoming’  in an unconscious way due to a steady childhood diet of English culture, books, stories, myths, music and television.Read More …

13, March 2015

Inky Water

Inky water gives no ripple as we enter, no need to sink, it is all deep. Here fears show their own faces Breathe despite your worry you cannot drown. This is you, stripped of illusions, revealed in the shadow’s world. This is your eternal womb, your own mystery. Come, join me in the search. BreakRead More …

5, November 2014

NaNo-riffic writing fun

It is November and so the Nanowrimo is upon us. Praise be! I love this crazy, silly fun and free festival that over the years is helping me learn how to write. This is my 8th or 9th year now (? I’ve lost count)  and maybe it has taken that long to learn how to participate,Read More …

18, July 2014

Hermit muse

Jump over to Two Sides Tarot for both parts – the first is the reading I designed based on The Hermit and the second is a sample reading to give a feel for how the positions play off the cards.

7, January 2014

Revising a first draft for the first time

Each step away from the outline made the final shape of the story and of the characters different to what I had planned.

23, December 2013

A review of “Write. Publish. Repeat.”

This is a reprint of the review I orginally posted on Goodreads. You are welcome to follow me there if you like. Write. Publish. Repeat. by Sean Platt My rating: 5 of 5 stars This sharp and pacy book checks you out first to see if you’re the right reader. I love that, I knowRead More …

22, November 2013

To be inspired but not ensnared

Lots of us are fans. I bet you are, and I know I am. There are loads of writers that I want to pay tribute to over time, people who’ve shaped my reading and so my mind and so my writing. Today though, and probably only ever today, I will honour a TV show becauseRead More …

15, November 2013

Halftime is not halfway – Six writing lessons from Nanowrimo

It is November 15 which means I should be halfway through drafting a novel, and I am, so the world is a shiny, happy place for a few hours and I dance and I smile and my workmates edge away from the crazy lady. I love NaNoWriMo for this annual push and sense of communalRead More …