8, October 2015

I love and hate a sunburnt country

I have been lucky enough to travel to the other side of the world and visit the ‘home country’ (as it was still being called when I was little). I’d always aspired to this cultural ‘homecoming’  in an unconscious way due to a steady childhood diet of English culture, books, stories, myths, music and television.Read More …

5, June 2015

The moon follows you home

The moon follows you home. It is a dream and you know it is. You walk with your beloved through a market and fall into a deep, warm pool of water. Everything you’d been holding was dropped. All that money. Everything you’d been wearing was washed away. All that jewellery. Everything you thought dissolved. AllRead More …

10, April 2015

The Gatsby Sutra

[Translation of lectures held over this last week by Zen master Gatsby.] All life is ancient in origin, all origin is in life. The master of life remembers the origin, source. Eat when hungry, nap in the breaks, love always. Respect follows on from compassion. Each has a place. All beings have meaning. Be grateful.Read More …

13, March 2015

Inky Water

Inky water gives no ripple as we enter, no need to sink, it is all deep. Here fears show their own faces Breathe despite your worry you cannot drown. This is you, stripped of illusions, revealed in the shadow’s world. This is your eternal womb, your own mystery. Come, join me in the search. BreakRead More …

20, November 2014

Sometimes a stumble

Our brave face outward. Fierce, focussed on horizons and plans of epic proportions, ready to stride forward, forging success. Oh but even you are human, perhaps you stumble. Can you forgive the foot, the stone, the day? Pause in the eternal moment here, between the trip and the echo, where you explode and reform. Are you ego, emotionRead More …

31, January 2014

Poetry on Twitter is Tweetery

Twitter’s hard limit on characters is a temptation too delicious to ignore. What a marvellous space to evoke a mood or relationship in. I’m surprised it isn’t more of a popular pursuit to craft poetry inside Twitter. Tweetery To me (and of course to many others) it is our digital age’s haiku. A widely accessible andRead More …