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2013-01-20 Rileys dawn haiku freebie

Creative writing and journal prompts freebies

Journal image of phoenix unicorn freebie

Not sure if images or files or text are the best way to go in order to share these. We’ll test a few things out!

This first one (Phoenix Unicorn) is a creative writing prompt from my own journal (3rd Feb 2015) based on an embroidery pattern. Hope you enjoy it.

Free Fiction

I love making worlds up and as I finish short pieces I will share them here.

Short fiction in the blog:

Very Short Fiction PDFs
Second last death FREE (genre: SF)

Free Tarot Layouts

I think debt is an insidious evil and I encourage you to find your path through to a healthy balance between income and expenditure. You can read my blog post on the topic of finding financial balance and here is the “Two sides to every coin” layout that I designed to help you shine a light into possibly cobbywebby corners.
* Finding Financial Balance (PDF Tarot layout 2 pages).

Sometimes keeping quiet in yourself is a good opportunity to understand your strengths and motivations. Read how “resting in your centre” can connect you with the power of your inner Hermit in this guest post at Two Sides Tarot (includes a sample reading).

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