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18, July 2014

Hermit muse

Jump over to Two Sides Tarot for both parts – the first is the reading I designed based on The Hermit and the second is a sample reading to give a feel for how the positions play off the cards.

14, July 2014


We invented clocks to help us manage things we want to do but somehow we’ve lost control of the idea of time. Now time is a commodity and we humans must work feverishly under the relentless ticking. Things inside us must be allowed to be a bit slower.

31, January 2014

Poetry on Twitter is Tweetery

Twitter’s hard limit on characters is a temptation too delicious to ignore. What a marvellous space to evoke a mood or relationship in. I’m surprised it isn’t more of a popular pursuit to craft poetry inside Twitter. Tweetery To me (and of course to many others) it is our digital age’s haiku. A widely accessible andRead More …

7, January 2014

Revising a first draft for the first time

Each step away from the outline made the final shape of the story and of the characters different to what I had planned.

2, January 2014

Ripening New Year

All my rage and fury and desires are unbecoming on podgy hips and graying hair. Passions and hopes are for young people. I should just shut up and pay my taxes. After all, I had my chance, I made my moves. Time, as they say, moves on. Every new year just reminds me that I’m racing against the clock and I don’t get to start from scratch, I’ve got a handicap from all the time I spent learning the wrong things, following stupid advice and bumbling around life’s maze.

23, December 2013

A review of “Write. Publish. Repeat.”

This is a reprint of the review I orginally posted on Goodreads. You are welcome to follow me there if you like. Write. Publish. Repeat. by Sean Platt My rating: 5 of 5 stars This sharp and pacy book checks you out first to see if you’re the right reader. I love that, I knowRead More …

22, November 2013

To be inspired but not ensnared

Lots of us are fans. I bet you are, and I know I am. There are loads of writers that I want to pay tribute to over time, people who’ve shaped my reading and so my mind and so my writing. Today though, and probably only ever today, I will honour a TV show becauseRead More …

15, November 2013

Halftime is not halfway – Six writing lessons from Nanowrimo

It is November 15 which means I should be halfway through drafting a novel, and I am, so the world is a shiny, happy place for a few hours and I dance and I smile and my workmates edge away from the crazy lady. I love NaNoWriMo for this annual push and sense of communalRead More …

31, October 2013

Blooming Jacarandas

  My passport expired last year after ten years of representing the possibility of travel rather than facilitating any actual travel. It has been retired without a single visa or stamp in it. I sit on the domestic commuter train instead, endlessly shuttling backwards and forwards between my work cubicle and sleeping compartment. I stareRead More …

22, October 2013

Can’t find the stories for the books

Writing has stalled. Bogged. Lost in the wilderness. The discipline is there, time in the saddle, words down each day but the fire in the line is missing. How to fix? I got up from my desk, very slowly and very carefully so as not to disturb the references on my right, the notes andRead More …