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Janine Prince lives in Brisbane, Australia and cares about the world being a better place, a project this blog approaches one person at a time.

She writes about self improvement from a sustainable and spiritual perspective. The blog post Your incandescent line is an intro to the blog’s purpose.

Getting Started
The essay that kicked off a series of exploratory posts is No brighter future which was inspired by the work of The Archdruid John Michael Greer on his blog  The Archdruid Report (hard links in the post).

A series on our relationship to money through debt and consumerism started with Consumption compulsion.

A longer series on personal freedom started with Do you want better? and includes the reader favourite The secret word is revealed.

A recent series draws connections between the search for personal freedom and how a connection to the elements can provide a starting point for this process. It begins with Follow the wind and then steps through Fire, Water, and Earth.

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Contact details
Email: Janine.e.r.prince@gmail.com
Mobile: 0418 116 870


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