An embarrassment of riches

In this time-poor age what gift is greater than attention?

A queen-sized, handmade crochet blanket
Make something with your hands.

I see people who struggle sometimes to pay attention to their own needs because they’re locked into an identity of serving others. And then there are so many who are in a cage of the cult of the self.

We all juggle a multiplicity of responsibilities, deadlines and practicalities and time for dreaming, for watching trees or clouds or listening to birds is a rarity.
What is it we yearn for? To matter to someone.

Today, if you can, carve out some time to let someone know that they matter to you. A friend will be delighted to receive the gift of some attention. Are you of a methodical bent or looking for a bigger win in spreading some joy? Today is a great day to start an eternal calendar for your friends’ birthdays. There is a special pleasure in confidently preparing a parcel for a friend and posting it or delivering it in time for their private special day. It is not about the money. It is about the attention.
You matter. If you’re not sure, let someone else know that they matter to you.